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Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement (Medigap) coverage that helps fill the gaps in Medicare Parts A & B. In general a Medicare supplement policy only helps you with your cost sharing for Parts A & Parts B, like deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance.  They don't cover long-term care like nursing home care, routine vision, dental or hearing care, hearing aids, eye glasses, or private -duty nursing. Some policies do offer coverage of some emergency care outside the United States.

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Part C - Medicare Advantage Plans combine services of Part A and Part B, and often Medicare Part D.  All Medicare Advantage plans are run by private companies, and they all combine coverage for hospital stays with coverage for doctor visits.  These plans are also called coordinated care plans. There can have limits on the doctors and hospitals your use.  The terms of these plans vary. Look at the plan details to see limits or exclusions it might have.

Medicare Part D

With Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage, the amount you pay for prescriptions may change over the year.


  • Part D plans have four coverage stages:  annual deductible, initial coverage stage, coverage gap stage and catastrophic coverage stage

  • The amount you pay for your medications changes depending on the coverage stage you are in.

  • You move through the coverage stages based on your total out-of-pocket costs for medications from the start of the plan year

  • The coverage stage cycle starts over at the beginning of the plan year.

  • If you get Extra Help from Medicare, the coverage gap will not apply to you.

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