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As an affordable solution - there are a wide range of affordable healthcare solutions designed to meet the unique healthcare needs and budgets of individuals and families. These plans are recommended for primarily healthy people whose main healthcare goals are focused on preventive and primary medical care, as well as cost sharing for catastrophic events, hospitalization, and inpatient and outpatient surgical procedures.


Tradition health insurance  covers the whole or a part of the risk of a person incurring medical expenses, spreading the risk over a large number of persons.   The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is still in place today, offering families the potential of a tax credit to help pay the monthly premiums, based on household income.

Have you thought of what extra expenses you might have in the event of a critical illness or cancer?   Your expense's will continue during your battle with the illness, it would be  nice to have help with that.  What if you need to travel away from your home town for treatment.  Hotel, meals, etc. It would be nice to have financial help for this as well.

We offer the traditional dental coverage plan through Delta Dental.


There is also a discount (fee for services basis) dental plan available through Dental Health Services.

Life insurance gives you peace of mind.  We offer a variety of plans:

  • Whole or Term plans

  • Final Expense

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